About Us

We specialize in technical enquiries… discovering clues in computers, performing detailed investigations, finding electronic eavesdropping devices and providing court testimony. Our Seattle/Tacoma area company was founded in 1987 by Dr. Gordon Mitchell. We serve clients ranging from Fortune 10 companies to individuals.

Our skills are honed by design of optical/electronic/mechanical/sensing systems, decades of investigating vulnerabilities, providing experiences from hair-on-fire emergency situations to being the long term corporate memory for clients.

Solving mysteries is our passion; we are eSleuths.

Member of These Professional Organizations

eSleuth Certifications and Recognition

  • ISSA distinguished fellow, Information Systems Security Association
  • SANS GSEC, network security certification
  • SANS GCIH, incident handling certification
  • CPP, highest certification of American Society for Industrial Security
  • CISSP, principal certification of ISC(2)
  • IEEE, Professional achievement award, life member
  • CTIN, Honorary life member Computer Technology Investigators Network
  • WALI, Charter member Washington (state) Association of Legal Investigators
  • PNAI, Lifetime member, board Pacific NW Association of Investigators
  • SPIE fellow, International Society for Optics and Photonics

Professional Presentations

Security Professionals

ASIS International

CPP certification study instructor

Personal cyber security

Computer forensic investigations

Predicting violence

Computer forensic and cell phone forensic tools

Investigators and computers

Catching corporate crooks

Wireless network vulnerabilities

Eavesdropping detection

Espionage Research Institute International

Keylogger threats

Computer forensics

Computer security

Listening to keyboards

Toys and tools for forensics

Wire diagnostics

Cloaking with Metamaterials

The case of the dead client(s)

Chasing the mystery signal

Digital TV signals

Wireless mouse interception

Computer network security

Laser eavesdropping

Powerline Ethernet analysis

Use of ultraviolet LEDs

SecureWorld Expo at US cities

How to become a counterspy in 3 easy lessons


Oregon Association of Licensed Investigators Inc.

Violence assessment with computers and cell phones

Puget Sound Special Investigators

Using metadata to detect fraud

Association of Threat Assessment Professionals

Keeping your computer secure

Assessing risk using computer/phone resources

Washington Association of Legal Investigators

Digital cameras

Forensic investigations

Catching crooks with technology

Computer forensics and network security

Finding clues in cell phones

Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators, Seattle & Tacoma

Investigating threats

Investigations with computers

Sweeps for bugs

Eastside Security Forum, Redmond

Leakage of clues in murder and assault cases

Europol, The Hague

Case studies in computer forensic investigations

Computer Networks

Information Systems Security Association, Seattle, Tacoma & TelAviv chapters

Completing a risk assessment

Architecture of a murder

The stuff you didn’t know was on your network

Violence assessment by computer analysis

The Agora

Modern technical threats

Seattle PD penetration test

Durall murder case

Investigation at the Redmond PD

Wireless security technology

Predicting violence

Wireless network honeypot

Catching an embezzler

Cyber extortion at a bank

CTIN – Computer Technology Investigators Network

Incident handling

Risks of violence

How to be a counterspy in 3 easy lessons

Evidence photography



The Bob Druall murder case

Email analysis

Investigating servers

Electronic eavesdropping

Video forensics

Network attack at Viewsonic

Proactive eDiscovery

Forensic software

Crazy clients

A real world bot problem

What’s on your network?

Forensics without a hard drive

DVR forensics

Edit programs

HB Gary story

Live forensics

Decoding Base64

Human readable registry

Redaction of data from documents


Seattle Pacific University

Business school classes on network security, forensics, sweeps

City University of Seattle

Program management

Systems analysis

Sweeps for bugs

University of Washington, Seattle

Presentations as adjunct Electrical Engineering Professor

Washington State Bar Association CLE

Computer forensics … the antidote to cluelessness

DigiPen – Institute of Technology, Redmond

Intro to forensic investigation

Green River College

Private investigator course lecturer

LAW Advocates CLE

Forensic investigations for lawyers