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Discreet Investigations of Executives

Keeping client information confidential. Investigating executives can be tricky.

Keeping client information confidential

When senior executives are accused of insider trading or other misdeeds it is important to make decisions quickly, accurately and discreetly. We can deploy a broad range skills to manage this task…from our business, engineering, software development, physical security and computer network experience

Case study: Getting factual answers about executive activity

The board of a Fortune 10 company asked us to investigate the company computer used by the president. We used a common process of forensic imaging, building a timeline for the period of interest and coordinating targeted searches. Our investigation took a broad look at the details. We were able to debunk rumors and discover facts that were used in wise board decisions. There are many reasons to keep this information confidential. Our goal is to minimize the vulnerability of client information during and after our work.

Physical security, like in this photo, is important. We also use encryption, network security devices and basic procedures to safegauard client information.

One example of the process that we use to secure online client data is illustrated in the security of our up/download service at IronBox. Their secure link gets an A rating from Qualys SSL Labs.