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The home phone line in the mansion was bugged!

The phone line in the mansion was bugged!

When workplace security is great, wannabe eavesdroppers have a hard time. Their attention might turn to executive homes. With today’s 60+ hour workweeks it is likely that the home phone line carries critical conversations. Traditional phone lines can be easily tapped with simple equipment.

Cellphones are actually more secure than wired phones. We recommend them for security as well as convenience. This is a big change from the old days of analog cell systems which were very insecure.

One phone that we always worry about is the cordless phone which connects to a wired network. A big vulnerability that they have is the “conference” capability. It allows a new handset to be easily used for eavesdropping if it has been paired to the cordless base station.

In addition to their normal checks for physical safety, executive protection teams should look for cordless phones. If the manual shows how to add handsets and do conference calls there is danger.

Case study: Executive homes are soft targets for eavesdroppers

There in stately splendor, far above the squalid village below (thanks Bob & Ray) the Seattle executive lived. Coincidences highlighted by a legal battle pointed to electronic eavesdropping.

A few extra wires and a recorder were all that was necessary. When we discovered the recorder it contained 150 conversations. Oops!

The experts at eSleuth excel at getting to the bottom of eavesdropping issues. If you are dealing with potential electronic eavesdropping issues, give us a call.