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WiFi Environment Risks

Vulnerabilities discovered with Omnipeek - WiFi Environment Risks

Vulnerabilities discovered with Omnipeek

When no one is monitoring wireless network bad stuff can go undetected. Simply watching the network and comparing observations with expectations can go a long way to detecting vulnerabilities (or attacks in progress).

One of the easiest things to discover is a rogue access point. They may be connected to critical wired networks in order to:

  • Allow access to a network without running wires
  • Provide an Ethernet bridge connection
  • Allow casual Internet connectivity in the area (bad)
  • Give a fired employee network access from the parking lot (very bad)

Case study: An open door to the mail server

A major national player in the background search business asked us to do a sweep of their executive suite. In the process we demonstrated Savvius Omnipeek to the IT staff. It detected a rogue access point connected to an important server.

Worse yet, the server was offering to share files via NetBIOS!

This simple demo took a few minutes but likely was the most significant event in the IT manager’s day.

If you would like to have us stop by and perform a sweep, please fill out the contact form.