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Investigation of a Million Dollar Embezzlement

Evidence of Embezzlement - thieves may get sloppy leaving evidence on company computers

Embezzlers may get sloppy leaving evidence on company computers

Embezzlement can be especially difficult to track down. A superbly organized security department is the key in these kinds of cases. We can assist with covert data collection, interviews, analysis and reports.

Case Study: Embezzlement of Millions

We were contacted on a Wednesday. The alert security manager said that a problem had been discovered and our help would be needed. Early in the week one of his investigators discovered what looked like a theft of nearly a million dollars by an IT manager. By the time we got to the Thursday meeting the total was over 3 million dollars.

The company planned to file a civil suit on Friday morning. Prior to that, we were able to identify a bunch of bank accounts and assets on the company computer that the embezzler raided. That information allowed recovery of over half of the stolen money with the balance provided by insurance.

Sharp security folks, quick action, and computer forensics saved the day in this embezzlement case.

Remember, it is still necessary to do an investigation. That will clear up any issues that involve innocent employees as well as the evil doers.

Solving mysteries is our passion; we are eSleuths. If something seems amiss and you need assistance tracking down the culprit, give us a call!