Evidence disappears
Witnesses forget...
But digital details remain

Founded in 1987, before the web existed.

We specialize in technical enquiries…

a Seattle area firm: discovering clues in computers®, performing detailed computer forensic investigations, finding electronic eavesdropping devices, providing court testimony.

Forensic Basics

Whenever investigations of computers and cell phones are needed it’s time to call an expert. Critical steps to preserve evidence will be missed by most computer techs.


When the wrongful termination suit arrives 2 years from now, how will you respond? Call us to learn about the process of saving computer and cell phone evidence.


US attorneys and local prosecutors depend on us for accurate testimony. Don’t risk your case with a less-than-professional approach.


Threats are a problem in stalking, domestic violence, and other criminal situations. Today’s threats often arrive via cell phone or computer.

Our qualifications are different.

Founder's Blog

COVID-19 contact tracking — Solving the tough problem

Infected contact discovery is critical A key to stamping out COVID-19 will involve tracking contacts by those who are infected –If social distancing can be maintained and when  patient testing is available. Tracking and testing can define the next group of infected people.  The process…

Solving mysteries with maps

The Seattle Times writes about Soviet maps In a very interesting recent article Eric Lacitis tells about maps he discovered in a Riga bookstore. They bring back real history of a country that was brutally occupied by the Soviet Union. Here is the rest of…

Cyber vulnerability when no one is in charge

Late last year on a Friday evening I discovered that logging into our Schwab.com account got lots easier. It was possible to log in without a username and password. Wow, what a vulnerability! Here is the story. Not expecting this labor-saving bonanza I hadn’t recorded…

Am I an eavesdropping technology paranoid?

A Bluetooth attack just announced last month found vulnerabilities in most major operating systems: Windows, iOS, Android, Linux… This leads to a series of worrisome questions. They are amplified by stories from my friends who have used Bluetooth hacks to turn on a cellphone microphone…