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We like lawyers. They are long time partners in the community who bring important cases to our attention–cases where having an expert with sound opinions based on evidence is critical. It isn’t necessary to have 1000 technical books, 1000 hard drives, lots of patents and professional presentations –- but these resources and experiences certainly help us. See About Us for more details.

Case Study: Opinions based on facts can win

When a lawyer calls it means that a case is organized, not illegal, important and generally interesting.

A local city was being sued by a fired employee; our call came from the Seattle attorney representing the city’s insurer. Our report addressed the facts, but on an appeal, the case moved to the Washington state Supreme Court, then bounced back to the original court.

At 4:30 PM the day before our scheduled deposition, the case was abruptly settled. Our goal in expert witness testimony is to clearly present opinions and the facts that they are founded on. Apparently these opinions and facts made an impression.

eSleuth offers investigative resources in legal cases, depositions and testimony

Computer forensic, analysis, incident response, investigations, testimony. All are available from our Seattle area office. Call for details.