Fake support calls

It’s nice to have help with software. I can remember in the mid ’80s trying to figure out how to use Supercalc and WordStar with no support. A bit later Microsoft did something revolutionary. They began answering the phone when customers called. Wow! that was great.

Today there’s something new happening. I got an unsolicited phone call from a kind person who offered to help me. The call was from the “Windows Corporation support line”

Q: Maybe I am forgetting… did I ask them to call? What company is that, anyway?
A: It’s a fake company that wants to take over you computer and your bank account.

The call comes with an accent (note: I like people with accents — I married one) and a request that I go to my computer. “They” discovered that my computer has a big problem that needs to be resolved right away. All I need to do is let them take control of the computer for a short time. Legit tech support people sometimes do this but there seems to be something wrong here.

I declined their offer and hung up. This is the recommended procedure.

As you might guess, I am not the only one that receives a calls like this. Some of these scammers are offering more, an opportunity to send cash for continuing tech support. For a more detailed view see: Windows “Support” calls