What doesn’t work in security

Lets face it. Security is like a fire insurance policy. You pay up front and:

  • if there is a fire, the loss will likely be less
  • if you pay too much (money, effort, productivity) up front it’s a bad deal
  • If you buy the wrong insurance it won’t help at all

Here are some computer security things that are a BAD investment

Long legal sounding signatures on emails … they irritate recipients and apparently don’t do much good. Limit your email signature to a few lines.

Setting the configuration on a wireless router to use the WEP protocol…. this security scheme was cracked years ago. Anyway, using a WiFi connection without corporate-quality security is inviting disaster.

Hiring a security guy without checking him out… It’s not unusual for us to get a call a month from someone who hired a felon to protect them. Duh!

Being too vigilant… Paranoia makes us less likely to make the right decision.