Protecting corporate identity

You have your gold in a safe; your birth certificate is in the bank.

Where is your company’s online identity? What if someone steals your internet domain for a porn site?

A friend of mine had invested in a very neat one-word domain that he expected to become really, really valuable. One day his web site was gone. It had been stolen by a crook in Hong Kong who told the domain registrar that he forgot the password…

Here are some steps that can prevent this and even give you a warning that something is going wrong.

  1. Use a really long complex password for your domain registrar and your web site administration login. Yes, I know that you love ‘Fido’ but there’s a better password. It’s easy to remember and use passwords with a free program. Password Safe
  2. Choose an unusual username for your domain registrar login. Instead of a guessable login pick one like ‘Walk-in_the*park’ (if all of these characters are allowed). In addition to the obvious value of complexity this allows you to monitor for all changes by that username via a paid service. This is a great early warning that I invest in. Domain Tools