Evidence disappears
Witnesses forget...
But digital details remain

Founded in 1987, before the web existed.

We specialize in technical enquiries…

a Seattle area firm: discovering clues in computers®, performing detailed computer forensic investigations, finding electronic eavesdropping devices, providing court testimony.

Forensic Basics

Whenever investigations of computers and phones are needed it’s time to call an expert. Critical steps to preserve evidence will be missed by most computer techs.


When the wrongful termination suit arrives 2 years from now, how will you respond? Call us to learn about the process of saving computer and phone evidence.


US attorneys and local prosecutors depend on us for accurate testimony. Don’t risk your case with a less-than-professional approach.


Threats are a problem in stalking, domestic violence, and other criminal situations. Today’s threats often arrive via phone or computer.

Our qualifications are different.

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Founder’s Blog


Along the pathway to violence — correlation or causation?

October 18, 2016
The tough job in risk assessment is separating the goofiness of ordinary life from factors that might indicate potential violence. Assessment isn’t prediction — but both have similar uncertainties. In a world with lots of physical variables, each represented by a known stochastic

Mac security gets better — good news for Apple fans

June 21, 2016
Two former spooks met for a gourmet lunch on the side of an extinct volcano. Sounds interesting… and it was. I was with Patrick Wardle, Director of R&D for synack.com. His company has taken an effective new approach to discovering network vulnerabilities for their clients. We talked a bit

Memorial day

May 29, 2016
Tomorrow is Memorial Day in the US. Just a few weeks ago Liberation Day, Bevrijdingsdag, was remembered in the Netherlands. They recognize the sacrifice of foreign soldiers who defeated the German occupiers in World War II. Near Maastricht, 8,301 American soldiers are buried. They fell in

Oops… cellphones can track us

March 5, 2016
Stalkers, controlling spouses, creepy bosses and predators like tracking. The good things in our electronic environment can create problems for us… and opportunities for stalkers. Computer logins and email headers can disclose clues about location. Photos carry metadata that can include GPS